10th November 2015

ESCCAN meet with Bo Redeborn at Gatwick


This meeting was for 1 1/2 hours. A summary of the main points of the meeting:

  • Bo acknowledged that communication between the airport and communities had been unsatisfactory.  However from his meetings with NATS, CAA and Gatwick he feels there is now a geniune shared commitment to make real positive change.

  • Aircraft heights - ESCCAN asked why aircraft are so low over East Sussex, at over 25 nautical miles from Gatwick.  Bo confirmed that there was no good reason for this.   It is his intention that flights will be pushed much higher and that we will see a significant improvement.  

  • Alternatives suggested: CDA (Continuous Descent Approach) will see aircraft higher for longer.









  • The general use of the stacking system and potential thought of point merge with an arc of planes near the sea would be replaced by a timed arrivals system where the planes would be tracked by the air traffic controllers from the minute they take off. As the plane makes it's journey to Gatwick it would be monitored at points to see that it is running on time and sequenced in by timing. This system which is called Time Based Operations and should alleviate the need for any stacking, apart from occasional very busy periods.  When it is necessary to fall back to stacking,  Bo wants the stack to be much nearer the coast or out at sea and much higher than currently.  This would be very good news for those affected by TIMBA and WILLO.

  • ESCCAN raised the ongoing issue with the Easy Jet A320's and though this is being addressed over time, we asked if the problematic unmodified planes could be classified as 'noisy' and therefore not allowed to fly at night, until they have been retrofitted. Bo seemed to think that this was a reasonable request and that he would put it forward for consideration.  

  • Dominic Nevill, ESCCAN spokesman said,

  • "It felt a very positive meeting with some real and geniune potential to help permanently alleviate the suffering of so many people living under the  flight arrivals paths"



16th December 2015

Preliminary Findings - Arrivals Review Gatwick


ESCCAN attended a meeting at the Gatwick Hilton, along with other campaign groups; Gatwick Obviously NOT (GON), CAGNE, GACC, HWCAAG, TWAANG, to hear the preliminary findings of the Gatwick Arrivals Review.


Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake shared a presentation on their findings to date.  See the full presentation here:





Bo opened the meeting by stating the task of the review:


"Has everything been done that is reasonably possible

to alleviate the noise problems from arriving traffic to



Whether the mechanisms which Gatwick

has adopted for providing information to the local

community and for handling of complaints have been

fully adequate for the task"


Graham Lake stated that all stakeholder input needs to be "combined and harmonised".  He spoke of the 2013 'Approach Stabilisation' changes causing a negative noise impact not taken into accont by the industry".  


Discussion of noise perception followed and what techniques can be employed to reduce noise impact.  Graham recommends accelerating the Airbus 'whine' fix programme that EasyJet have committed to.











Continous Descent Approach (CDA) can be utilised to reduce the noise impact on the ground.  Bo Redeborn takes to the floor to talk about noise abatement.  He will suggest in his final report not to revert to something from the past but aim for between 8-14 nauticle miles.for arrivals.


Bo acknowledges that all campaign groups have been united in asking for "fair and equitable distribution of noise".  Bo produces a slide to illustrate how dispersal affects the noise impacts felt on the ground.


Bo confirms after their investigation into arrivals at Gatwick that the following options are unsuitable for Gatwick Airport:

  • Point Merge

  • Increased glide path angle

  • Displaced threshold


"Improvements are achievable both short term and medium term" states Bo.  In the short term improved dispersal through a greater spread of joining the final approach mitigating the perceived negative noise impact.


The consultation process for feedback is open until 31st December 2015.  Please send any further comments onto the following email addresses:


[email protected]

[email protected]


The FINAL report will be shared with all stakeholders at a meeting on 28th January 2016


23rd October 2015 

Review Team come to Crowborough












Nus Ghani arranged a community drop-in session with the independent review team of Gatwick westerly arrivals on Friday 23rd October 5-6pm at All Saints Church, Crowborough.  See Nus Ghani's update here.














It was a great turn out at Wealden MP Nus Ghani's Community drop-in session to meet the Gatwick Flight path review team. Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake, both independent aviation consultants, appointed by Sir Roy McNulty, Chairman of Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) to review the westerly arrival route into the airport.


The meeting was attended by more than 200 residents from areas impacted by recent changes to air traffic management by NATS. People came from the many towns and villages newly affected by Gatwick noise and pollution: Mayfield, Buxted, Uckfield, Crowborough, Eridge, Groombridge, Withyham, Hartfield, Tunbridge Wells, Chiddingstone and Langton Green.  Residents were asked to complete the review questionnaire which Nus Ghani had provided.


A short Q&A followed. Nus introduced herself and the aim of the session which was to have her constituents "voices heard". Nus was welcoming to Bo and Graham and thanked them for attending. She expressed her surprise at the numbers in attendance,

 “I had no idea so many people would turn up” Nus stated.  

Nus was keen for the review team to hear first hand the "impact Gatwick had on people's lives". Nus was keen for Gatwick to publicise the review feedback link on their website, as it has not advertised.


Bo Redeborn introduced himself and explained he would..

“propose a better way of doing it and come up with a recommendation”

He was keen to make sure communication between the airport, local residents and all stakeholders was improved, he said there had been many shortcomings to date.  He has found a lack of communication between CAA and NATS.  “Communities have been ignored, is that the right word, (audience call out their agreement) which is not a good model for good relations.  We see many options.” said Bo.


Bo explained he is currently working with Easy Jet, which would enable aircraft to fly further out, higher, with precision routes.  He stated,

“We recognise this isn’t working now” (audience audibily voice their agreement)


Bo went on to explain the complexities of the London airspace, one of the busiest in the world.  He concluded his introduction by giving us the timetable for his review:

1.Conclusion of the ‘listening’ phase  - 30/10/15

2.Design phase until end of December 2015

3.Final report and recommendations due end of January 2016


Q&A session

Questions from the audience followed where Bo and Graham each answered. Nus takes the mic out to the audience to take questions from the floor.  Nus take 3 questions and asks Bo and Graham to respond (making use of the limited time)


Q1: Crowborough resident asks, “Why fly over Crowborough when we are so high, my friends in Tunbridge Wells joke we live on a mountain!”


Q2: Eridge resident asks, “Why have things got so bad so suddenly?” (claps from the audience)


Q3: Jeanette Towey, Wealden District Councillor asks, “The new German firm take over ATC at Gatwick from March 2016, how will this effect air traffic management?”


Graham Lake responds answering in a long winded explanation using the analogy of changing mobile phone providers, where the service remains the same, you just have a different provider.  He assured the audience there would be “no change and not to worry about that”


Q4: Chiddingstone resident states, “We have NO respite at any time, why?”

Bo Redeborn answers this by stating he will propose 3 alternative routes at 7nm.


Q5: Mayfield resident asks, “It is not possible to have the holding stacks out at sea?”


Bo confirms this is an option.


Q6: A Tunbridge Wells resident asks, “Why have we not had representation?”

Graham Lake answers and explains they had met with Greg Clark MP this week and he expressed a wish to have a meeting with his residents. (The audience grumbles and asks why weren’t we invited, [shouts out] shouldn’t we all be working together)


Nus Ghani takes the mic and explains all residents voices will be listened to.  Nus tells the audience she works with all MP’s surrounding Gatwick.  They formed the ‘Gatwick Coordination Group’ which her predecessor, Charles Hendry MP, was also a member.  Nus asks that Bo and Graham explain to Gatwick the depth of feeling here and the need to advertise the review feedback questionnaire so ALL residents may have a voice.  Nus states we all know how Gatwick loves to advertise, we’ve all seen the full page spreads (laughter from the audience) so ask Gatwick to take out a full page spread to advertise the review link!


Q7: Crowborough resident asks, “I have 4 points to raise, 1: the height of planes over our town, 2: the width of the flight path corridor, 2: noise and air pollution from lowered overflights, 4: noise reduction plans and night flight noise – what is being done?”


Q8: A local resident states that she works in customer service and maybe she could teach Gatwick a thing or two about how to treat people.

Q9: A Tunbridge Wells residents asks why their town does not have representation at GATCOM


Graham Lake responds saying we all have a role to play, we can lobby aircraft designers to come up with quieter aircraft.  There are long term plans to reduce the impact of noise through new technology and design.

Graham states that “predictability” is an important feature of noise impacts.  The audience complain loudly and shout out “no thanks”.  Tension can be felt in the air.. people shout out:


“We need change NOW”  “How long will it take?”


A young couple at the rear of the church shout out that they have lost so much sleep, and beg when will it stop.  The lady says how desperate for sleep she is and says it affects people’s mental health as it’s like a torture.  She shouts out “How long before someone commits suicide?”

Sensing the change in atmosphere Nus Ghani takes the mic and calms the audience.  Nus reminds everyone present that Bo and Graham do not work for the Airport and are wholly independent.


A gentleman stands up and interrupts Nus and apologizes saying he knows Nus hasn’t got to his question yet but he is so concerned the review will not allow any complaints prior to Aug 2015. He asks the review team why, he also asks why they fly over the town at 3500ft every 2 mins, altitude is the important part.  He passionately shouts, “It isn’t a question of telling us when it will be bad, just please fly higher!”


Graham Lake answers that unfortunately they would never have been able to read the amount of complaints involved as there were tens of thousands! He said, “we want to do a review that is current”.


Nus brings the meeting to a close at 6pm.  She concludes by asking Bo and Graham to picture us all here today when they write up their report and states, “We are really relying on you” to put together a solution and asks them to promise to represent the voices of people here today.  Graham Lake looks uncomfortable, but Bo audible says, “That’s a promise”


IN SUMMARY: Bo is confident things can be done in a "better way". He confirmed he had met with Easy Jet this week and they had agreed to trial his proposals. These involve aircraft being higher, respite, 3 alternative routes at 7nm, and precision routes. He stated, "We know now there is a better way of doing it so will come up with a recommendation which will change the flight path" Bo acknowledged shortcomings in the communication between the airport and all stakeholders. He said essentially residents had been "ignored".


ESCCAN members and all residents negatively impacted by Gatwick thank Nus Ghani for organising this meeting and for her continued support with this issue.

Bo Redeborn and his team are reviewing the westerly arrival flight path into Gatwick Airport.  Please complete the form below with any feedback you wish to submit and we will collate this and ensure it is sent to the Review Team.

23rd September 2015

ESCCAN attend meeting with Bo Redeborn.


ESCCAN spokesman, Dominic Nevill and other

stakeholders attended the first meeting with Bo

Redeborn.  Bo has been appointed to lead the

McNulty review into flight paths along with Graham

Lake, another aviation consultant, which took place

at Gatwick.  The meeting was for 2 1/2 hours and

covered the main issues of flight paths, heights and night flights.  Dominic said,


"Bo Redeborn was at pains to make it clear that though Gatwick were paying for his and Graham Lake's services they were wholly independent.  He repeated on several occasions that the level of mistrust has been fully taken on board but he felt that everyone wanted an acceptable solution if possible. The good news was there was a sense of urgency to come up with concrete proposals in a reasonably short time frame. Bo believed that the final report would be published by the end of January"

25th September 2015

ESCCAN attend meeting with CAA & NATS


This was held at CAA headquarters in London organised by

HWCAAG.  In attendance were Martin Rolfe, the new CEO

of NATS,  Stewart Wingate and Charles Kirwan-Taylor

from Gatwick, Bo Redeborn (observer only)  and a CAA

representative as Dame Deidre Hutton couldn't make it.

This meeting was for 1 3/4 hours. Dominic Nevill, ESCCAN

spokesman said,


"Martin Rolfe appeared open and wanting to try and find solutions. It was very useful having so many parties in the same room together.  The good news is through the two meetings, particularly Martin Rolfe's contributions, that there is a genuine desire to find a solution that would be acceptable to the local communities regarding noise, pollution etc."

Flight Path Review - NEWS

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12th October 2015

ESCCAN attend meeting at Parliament with Nus Ghani MP


Nus Ghani MP stated she is well aware of the

changes Gatwick made to their approach path

over East Sussex. She has many emails from

her constituents complaining about the disturbance

from the post 2014 lowered/concentrated flight paths.

Nus reassured us she has taken the following action to support her constituents negatively impacted by these changes:

  • Nus met with Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake 2 weeks ago at Parliament. She conveyed her constituents' complaints and invited Bo come and meet them.  Please see the Press Release below for full details.

  • Nus has called on Gatwick Airport Limited to meet with her and a group of constituents in advance of that review, so it properly understands the extent of disruption that local people put up with.  

  • Nus has received reassurances from easyJet (which is the largest provider of flights at Gatwick) about the actions it is taking to reduce noise disruption, which include the retrofitting of all aircraft in the easyJet fleet that do not already have vortex generators - this will reduce the impact of aircraft on the environment and on local residents.


Click here for more details.  Nus concluded by stating she feels this review holds a "window of opportunity for Gatwick to listen and improve the relationship" with their neighbours. She categorically stated "every voice matters"


On behalf of all ESCCAN members and all constituents impacted by Gatwick we thank Nus Ghani for all her work fully representing our concerns.

nus-ghani-2 east sussex map post 2014 canso-pub-redeborn CAA

4th September 2015

Gatwick announce 'Terms of reference'

for the Airspace Review










• The scope of this review, in its initial phase, is Westerly Arrivals into Gatwick.  Easterly Arrivals will be covered in a second phase.


• The purpose of this review is to consider, in relation to Westerly Arrivals, whether


(a) Everything that can reasonably be done to alleviate the problems which local communities are raising is in fact being done, whether this involves action by the airport or by other parties most closely involved – NATS, CAA, DfT or the airlines; and


(b) The approaches which Gatwick has adopted for providing information to the local community and for handling complaints are fully adequate for the task.

In considering the concerns raised by local communities, the Review Team will give particular attention to assessing the feasibility and implications of adopting a policy of “fair and equitable dispersal” which a number of campaign groups have expressed as a priority.


• With the above purpose in mind, the review team should provide proposals for consideration by the parties involved in these matters.


• In carrying out the review, the team should have regard to Government policies as these relate to the issues under consideration.


• Fundamental to the successful conduct of the review is effective liaison with each of the key players involved – Gatwick Airport, NATS, CAA, DfT, Airlines and Community Representatives, as these players all have important information relevant to the review and can contribute ideas for improvement.


• Particular attention should be given to ensuring the involvement of organisations representing the local communities most affected, and communities which may be newly affected by any proposed changes, and to developing effective means of ascertaining the views of these communities more generally


• The target date for completing this initial phase of the review in November 2015, but it is accepted that this end date may need to be moved back depending on the extent of consultation which the review team decides is necessary.


Nus Ghani press release 12-10-15
* Required

Gatwick Westerly Flight Path Review


published 28th January 2016




Gatwick Airport Ltd are due to respond to this report on 31st March 2016.


Your response is needed.  Please click here to find out how to have your voice heard.  

Final report 1377580_10152203108461729_809245696_n IMG_4857 IMG_4859 Gatwick link cdfa Presentation Bo 16-2-15 Gatwick Review Graham Lake 16-12-15 stacks