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Spring 2014 - residents in the English counties of East Sussex and West Kent wake up to intense aircraft overflights when previously never heard a plane!


Gatwick Airport deny any changes have been made -

"… the impression may be that something has changed, although I can assure you nothing has …"  

Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive, Gatwick, 18.07.14 to Charles Hendry MP


Hence, many frustrated residents unite in their unacknowledged suffering to uncover the truth...The TRUTH is this - new concentrated flight paths allow more planes in the air.  Simply put, greater capacity = greater profits for the industry.  No concern for the impact of the lowered/concentrated flight paths for the people on the ground who are now affected.


Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) respond here. ARRIVALS: NATS currently vector aircraft into their final approach to Gatwick. NATS comment on the trial here.  DEPARTURES: deploy PR-NAV1

Flight Path concentration

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Why are we hearing and seeing more aircraft lately?


It's all because of the 'FUTURE AIRSPACE STRATEGY' (FAS) implementation under the 'Single European Sky' (SES) EU policy.


The UK Civil Aviation Authority say,

"Achieving sustainable growth in aviation is dependent on improving the way air traffic is managed and moves around the airspace. Advancements in ‘Air Traffic Management’ (ATM) can generate significant commercial, environmental and safety benefits"

World wide issue

Click on the red buttons on the maps to connect with the many action groups across the world that have joined the campaign to change the way the aviation industry affects communities on the ground.

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The International Civil Aviation Organization - has adopted Performance Based Navigation (PBN), also known as NextGen in the USA, to address the challenges of aviation growth and capacity issues. Through the application of Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) specifications, The ICAO state, "PBN provides the means for flexible routes and terminal procedures".  Many communities on the ground are now suffering unbearable noise due to  these changes.


This map above shows the extend of communities effected by narrowed, lowered, condensed flight paths all over the world.