Gatwick Noise Management Board (NMB)

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NEW Noise Management Executive Board - October 2020


The previous NMB was reconfigured into three separate parts with new Chairs.


The NMB’s Community Forum met in September. Martin from GON said this,


"In our view too much of the meeting was spent being briefed on the state of the aviation industry and too little on agreeing meaningful medium term noise reduction initiatives.  I’ve told the Chair that we are disappointed with the Forum’s progress to date and urged him to ensure that it has a laser like focus on community concerns and noise reduction initiatives going forward, not on industry briefings".  


The new Noise Management Executive Board had it's first meeting 21 October, having been delayed from March. Martin from GON reported,


"Community groups were represented by Charles Lloyd and Atholl Forbes, who we elected earlier this year.  They proposed a series of agreed actions intended to reduce noise impacts for all communities around the airport and under flight paths.  These included eliminating night flights, putting in place a new low noise standard for arrivals and a league table to monitor airline performance, reducing the noise levels at which departures are fined and taking action to reduce early deployment of landing gear which increases noise.  Many of their proposals were supported by the two council representatives on the Board.


Disappointingly there was little reaction from the airport itself and other industry members of the board and it was not possible to agree a firm work plan.  They are encouraging the chairman to make sure a plan is finalised as soon as possible so that real work can get underway.


Overall the new NMB’s progress has been too slow so far and we’re now at a critical stage.  It needs to agree a work plan very soon, based on the ideas submitted by community groups and endorsed by councils, and then deliver it with energy and determination.  The chairs need to step up, sweep aside the current inertia and make sure the industry builds back rather more quietly."


They had their annual public event on 3rd December.   See the minutes of the meeting HERE


The NMB can be contacted by emailing: [email protected]