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13th July 2015

Sir John Major urges rethink of Gatwick flight path.  Read more...

ESCCAN meet the review team. Read more


28th Nov 2014

East Sussex County Council under pressure to drop Gatwick support. ESCCAN speak to Kent & Sussex Courier.  Read more...

1st July 2015

Gatwick Airport Expansion rejected 

East Sussex County Council continue to support residents campaigning for noise mitigation.  Read more

16th August 2015

Residents unite at flight path protest.

Watch ITV coverage here

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12th August 2015

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rule this advert to be misleading and ban it. Read more..

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23rd May 2014

Crowborough residents tell the Kent & Sussex Courier

'We fear a plane every 2 minutes'.  Read the article below

Why is this happening? Find out here

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21st July 2014

ESCCAN attend Crowborough Town Council Meeting to raise residents concerns of the London Airspace Consultation.  Read more. 

Crowborough Life reports. Read more


28th July 2014

ESCCAN tell the Sussex Express 'A 500 metre-wide, sky ‘superhighway’ for aircraft arriving at Gatwick could see more than 350 planes a day overfly homes in East Sussex. Read more...


3rd June 2014

East Sussex County Council vote to back expansion at Gatwick Airport. Read more...

Gatwick produce PR leaflet for East Sussex. Read more..


24th June 2014

Wealden MP Charles Hendry says expansion at Gatwick would be a disaster for local communities.  Read more...

Charles Hendry Wealden MP

1st December 2014

Residents say NO to Gatwick expansion. ESCCAN speaks to the Sussex Express.  Read more...

Airports Commission Gatwick Public Consultation 16th Dec meeting minutes here


30th January 2015

Gatwick expansion debate. ESCCAN speaks to the Kent & Sussex Courier.  Read more...

ESCC hold extraordinary meeting 27th Jan on Gatwick expansion support. Outcome

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