28th January 2016 - Independent Arrivals Review published


ESCCAN comment:

At the end of March we will be receiving Gatwick's response to the Bo Redeborn/Graham Lake recommendations. We see this only as a first step in the right direction as we need an ongoing dialogue to keep this momentum for change moving forward.


We are concerned that Gatwick might not take this opportunity to implement these proposals in full. We believe that particularly the following recommendations could and should be implemented without delay:


  • 1. The widening of the swathe to 8-14 nautical miles. NATS are ready and waiting to do this if Gatwick give them the go ahead.

  • 2. The raising of flight heights from their current position.

  • 3. Proper Continuous Descent Approaches to be flown on a 3% flight idle glide path (5* CDA) which will mean a huge decrease in noise. NATS have recently informed one of group that as few as 25% of flights into Gatwick are flying 'reasonable' CDAs which they are trying to address. Currently most planes on leaving one of the stacks are given clearance to fly down to 4,000 feet. Instead of doing this on a gentle glide path they appear to drop straight down to 4000 feet and then fly effectively level for many miles until they join the final approach. This method creates so much noise as they use thrust and then throttle back the engine to keep themselves level. This costs the airlines more in fuel and us in suffering more pollution and noise from these unnecessary low level flights.

Arrivals review Gatwick response

31st March 2016 - Gatwick publish their response


  • Gatwick welcomes the findings of the review and has published a detailed response and proposed Action Plan for the implementation of the review's 23 recommendations.

  • This includes the establishment of an independent Noise Management Board including the main aviation stakeholders and representatives of local communities.

  • Gatwick will be actively seeking feedback from the local community and other interested parties on the proposed action plan. Please see below for how you can provide feedback.


ESCCAN comment:

"We welcome all the positives from Gatwick accepting the Review's recommendations. We are concerned however about the 'we are minded' caveats to some of our acute concerns. We look forward to seeing words being translated into action. We see the arrivals review as a first positive step but with more work to be done before we could say that the unnecessary noise and pollution that communities have been suffering for too long has been genuinely alleviated."


Feedback can be provided to Gatwick Airport up to 16 May 2016 by email - [email protected] – or by post:


Gatwick Airport Arrivals Review


c/o PPS Group

Sky Light City Tower

50 Basinghall Street




Arrivals Review: Response